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How to gain exciting "In-Sights" into Freiburg and the Black Forest?
Book a tour through our City or up to the mountains with VISTAtour!

We guide you around the main sights, but also lead you to less well-known corners of the city and the Black Forest. We show you Freiburg and the surrounding area of Breisgau from an unusual perspective, recalling forgotten stories and giving a memorable, lively impression of the inhabitants'  culture and mentality.

Several of our guided tours can also be booked in foreign languages, such as English, Italian, French and Spanish. In addition to the offers for groups below there is a programme of regular guided tours about special topics which is published twice a year and can be sent to you upon request.

Our City Walks

Getting to Know Freiburg ("Freiburg Basics")

This is a walk through the Altstadt (Old Town): our "insignia". It shows monuments round the Münsterplatz (Cathedral Square) and the minster and leads over the "Wolfshöhle" (Wolf´s Cave) to Oberlinden and the Schwabentor (Swabian Gate) - a quarter which reminds one of the city s origins. The modern Freiburg of today is also described.

Duration: approx. 1,5 hours / Price per group: EUR 140

From the "Paradise"  to the "Island"

See Freiburg from an unusual perspective - and tour with us through the medieval "Schneckenvorstadt" ("Snail's Suburb"). Stories and anecdotes are guaranteed to be shared,  as well as curiosities and mysteries. Starting from the now vanished part of town, "Paradies," there will be reports of living and working in former centuries, techniques of tanners and "Ballierers" (jewel cutter), social conditions, guilds  rules, and also the history of the Gewerbekanal (canal for the trade quarter).

Duration: approx. 1,5 hours / Price per group: EUR 140

Freiburg - Turbulent Change of a City

This tour will cover historical events that radically changed urban features and citizens'  lives. Special attention will be given to the development of architecture. The sieges of the 17th century, the years of rapid industrial expansion in the 18th century with their strange results and the postwar period up to the present are mentioned. Comparisons, drawn with the help of photographs, show how in more recent times the city centre has been made "sufer un glatt" (colloquial for "clean and smooth").

Duration: approx. 2 hours / Price per group: EUR 180

The Wines of Freiburg

After a walk through the historical city we visit the vineyards of the Schloßberg (Castle Mountain) and hear the story of Freiburg's long tradition in wine production. The tour finishes with a presentation about some aspects of wine production and a wine-tasting, either in a typical inn or a tasting room, according to your choice.

Duration: approx. 3 hours / Price per group: EUR 180 plus wine-tasting fees

An Evening under the Stars

During an evening's walk to the Zähringer Burg (Castle of Zähringen) the background of Herdern's history is told, including the story of the "Ladstatt" and of a village which no longer exists. After dreaming of knights and damsels for a short time on top of the ruin's tower, the path leads us to the beergarden of a forest inn. To add a touch of romance, a music trio can be booked upon request. Walking distance about 5 km.

Duration: approx. 5 hours / Price per group: EUR 280

Tours for Children and Young Adults

These tours are created especially for children and young adults to convey the city's history in an informative, yet entertaining way, arousing curiosity for things which are best understood upon the second time of looking at them. The topics of the tours can be determined upon request and adjusted to the age of the participants.

Duration: approx. 1.5 -2 hours / Price per group: EUR 120

Guided Tours Featuring Special Topics

In addition we offer you about 40 other tours and walks featuring special topics. Examples are:

• Tours to the different parts of Freiburg: Herdern, Haslach, Stühlinger, Wiehre,
   Zähringen, Oberau, Beurbarung, Neuburg, Ebnet, and more

• Conservation and ecology: A tour featuring ecological "highlights" in Freiburg

• Art-historical tours (Cathedral, museums...)

• Urban planning and architecture

• Changes in urban features (comparison with historical photographs)...

A complete list of our Special Topic Tours is obtainable upon request.

Excursions to the Black Forest

Black Forest Tour

This tour through a charming and at the same time starkly contrasting landscape, includes stops at the Ravennaschlucht (Ravenna Gorge), Titisee Lake, the Turner Mountain and St. Peter's Monastery Church. You will hear about the region's unusual features, the history of the forest and its inhabitants, and of old traditions in farming and skilled trades. We point out why the style of Black Forest farmhouses still fascinates architects and we give you an insight into the situation of farmers and the conditions of forests today.

Duration: approx. 8 hours / Price per group: EUR 280

A Tour According to  a Traditional Black Forest Song, "The Mill Chatters"

This walking tour leads through the Löffeltal and the Ravennaschlucht to an area known for traditional skilled trade in the Black Forest. Giving insight into the history of the forest the tour includes a water-driven "Klopfsäge" ("knocking" sawmill) and a grain mill in action. On the way to the oldest church of the Higher Black Forest reports will be presented about the history of transport through the Höllental ("Hell" Valley) and the adventurous trade of the "Steigfuhrenleute" (people who transported goods through the valley). Stops at countryside inns or a picnic in the countryside are also possible.  Walking distance about 7 km.

Duration: approx. 5 hours / Price per group: EUR 280 (incl. entrance for the mills)

Further Black Forest Excursions

We would be pleased to accompany you to places of interest in our area and to assist you in the organization of any programme according to your wishes, such as a trip to the top of the highest mountain, the Feldberg, or to the top of the Brend, a visit to Triberg, to Furtwangen, to St. Blasien or a tour to the source of the Donau.

In Addition to the Tours Above Our Programme Offers You:

Black Forest Walking Tours:

• Historical walks around

• Hinterzarten (walking tour)

• Visit to a "Bannwald"
   (uncultivated primeval forests) near the Zweribach Waterfalls

• Walk featuring botanical topics

• Schauinsland walking tour - the name of this mountain means "look over the land" -
   with a visit of the Schniederlishof Museum (an authentic farmhouse)

• Tours featuring special topics upon request

Further Destinations to the surrounding Area Beyond:

• Kaiserstuhl and Alsace (wine-tasting upon request)

• Bodensee and Reichenau Island

• Schwäbische Alb

• Slide presentation on different topics

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